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Frequently asked questions

  • About the school

    What is the admissions process?

    Admissions are held annually during the month of September. CFNG provides an application form that must be duly completed and delivered with the necessary documents specified therein. For pre-school only, the school receives applications throughout the school year.

    Admission criteria:

    1. Reside in the neighborhoods surrounding the CFNG (neighborhood certificate)
    2. Demonstrate economic need (family income - SISBEN score, public utilities bill)
    3. Pre-school attended
    4. School certificate from the last academic year attended
    5. Demonstrate the family’s commitment to the education of their children
  • About us

    How can I support the Foundation?

    It is possible to help and join the Foundation through the following programs:

    1. Donations
    2. Volunteering
    3. Events

    What does the Foundation do?

    FHNG is a non-profit Foundation created in 2000. Its purpose is to operate CFNG, providing education, nutrition and student welfare services to children and young people from the vulnerable population of the communities surrounding CNG.

  • About your donations

    Do I receive a tax exemption certificate for my donation?

    Yes, the foundation issues a Colombian tax exemption certificate for the donation in cash and for donations in-kind certified by a licensed accountant or tax auditor.

    What can I donate?

    All the contributions in money, in-kind and in time help us to guarantee the sustainability of the foundation. It is possible to donate foodstuff, furniture and equipment, clothes, toys, appliances and other items that are in good condition.

    How to donate?

    It is possible contribute to the foundation through: Plan Padrino, in-kind donations, the purchase of gift cards, participation in events and other monetary donations destined to various programs of the foundation.