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Support the education, nutrition and well-being of Fundación Colegio Nueva Granada students, positively impacting their lives and contributing to the transformation of our country. Contributions are provided through the scholarship alternatives described below (Plan Padrino):

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Donate in-kind

Donations of new or used products that are in good condition are of enormous value to our Foundation.

These items positively impact all the activities that take place in the school and significantly benefit our community. Here are some examples of in-kind donations:

In-kind donations can be delivered directly to the Foundation (Avenida Circunvalar # 67-50 - Portería # 4) Monday thru Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

In case you cannot take your donation personally, please contact us at (571) 3907351 or email:  direccion.fundraising@hogarnuevagranada.org I want to help



Other donations

Our Foundation has individual and corporate gift donation cards for Christmas, end of year greetings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvah , First Communion, Baptism, condolence, thank you’s and other occasions. Additionally, we have an extensive collection of blank cards and envelopes with beautiful designs for personal notes.

The profits from the sale of these cards are used to support CFNG’s education and nutrition programs.

Custom cards Blank cards

Participate in our Events

Revenue from events are essential for the sustainability of our programs. You can participate through the sale of tickets, sponsorships, prizes, logistical support, advertising and communications.

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    Barre Class

    August 30th, place Multipurpose room CNG, 3 PM, Tickets $50.000

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    Frebruary 9, place CNG Theatre, 8 AM Ticktes $40.000 PTA Members $35.000

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    April 9, place High school gym, Ticktes $25.000.


Be a mentor

The Mentoría (Mentoring) program of the foundation was launched in 2009 to finance the high school program at the CFNG. The generous support of companies and individuals has made it possible to provide our students with a high school education and achieve their degree, with the first graduating class of 2014. If you are interested in supporting our foundation through your company or organization, please contact:

Ana María Convers-Directora fundraising, direccion.fundraising@hogarnuevagranada.org



Our organization was founded by the initiative of volunteers. Currently, the work carried out by the CFNG is supported by those who donate their time to guarantee the well-being of our students and make the project’s sustainability viable. If you want to volunteer, contact:


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