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Mission and Vision


Fundación Hogar Nueva Granada and Colegio Nueva Granada work together to transform our students and communities and create a better tomorrow, by:

  • Providing low-income children in the surrounding neighborhoods with a high-quality inclusive education that offers them unique opportunities to achieve their highest potential and become productive citizens.
  • Offering shared educational and service learning experiences with the goal of understanding broader social realities and valuing each individual.


By 2020, FHNG expects to graduate 180 students, with academic results above the average of comparable schools and increase the percentile rank of each student in his Saber test results. In addition, FHNG will be able to count on the involvement of at least 50% of the CNG community, through Plan Padrino and volunteer activities.



FHNG´s purpose is to operate Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada (CFNG), providing education, nutrition and welfare to 490 vulnerable children and young people from the Bosque Calderón, Juan XXIII, Pardo Rubio and Nueva Granada neighborhoods, offering them the possibility of a new reality.

116 high school graduates are the result of more than 15 years of effort and commitment from our community.

The support of our sponsors, mentors and volunteers is essential to guarantee a quality education and positively impact our students and their families, and our country. Get involved today and transform a child´s life.

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“All the great works of service to others begin with a compelling vision: a vision to create a future that others could not have imagined; a vision to impact people in a way that they might never have conceived; and, a vision to transform lives and communities through the deep and lasting effect of education. Few - if any - projects meet these three characteristics in the course of their lifetime; and the Fundación Hogar Nueva Granada is one of them.“.
Dr. Eric Habegger -  CNG Director
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Annual report

“CFNG is a place that offers numerous opportunities and challenges. What sets it apart from other schools is this family atmosphere that is reflected in the students’ development, in their self-esteem, their sense of belonging, positive treatment and the building of strong relationships with their peers. At CFNG the students are provided everything they need in order to be happy: social service, psychological support, harmony with peers, good nutrition, as well as teachers and directors who are involved in their growth process. Here, we work and love differently.
Mauricio Sandoval - CFNG Teacher


As part of the 15th anniversary celebration of the Foundation in 2016, "15 Years Transforming Lives" was published, a compilation of experiences lived by some of the members of our community, through their connection with our organization. 15 years of enormous challenges, achievements and transformations through education and in recognition of the effort, commitment and generosity of our community.

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Our programs

  • Nutrition

    1077 meals served daily throughout the school year.



  • Student welfare:

    Diagnosis and treatment of learning problems, school reinforcement, speech therapy, psychology and occupational therapy.

    More than 220 children attended annually.

  • Education:

    Pre-school (in partnership with the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare - ICBF), primary and high school. 490 children and young people attended in 2018.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Over 9 clubs focused on keeping children off the streets though sports, arts, music, nad English language programs.


Daniel Mojica

Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Dorette Beda

Board of Directors CNG PTA President

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Board of Directors

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CNG Board of Directors Representative

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Board of Directors

Perla Douer, Founder

Lifetime Member

Dr. Eric Habegger

CNG Director


Lucero Buitrago

Administrative and Financial Director

Ana María Convers

Fundraising Director

Pedro Forero