The school

CFNG is a private non-profit institution, established in 2000 by a group of families of Colegio Nueva Granada, with the objective of contributing to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children and young adults from surrounding communities. Currently, the school has 490 students (pre-school to grade 11), an academic team of 33 teachers, 3 coordinators, a director and 5 specialists (two psychologists, an occupational therapist, an educational support teacher and a speech therapist). In addition to providing education, the CFNG provides nutrition and extracurricular activities focused on the appropriate use of free time.

MISSION: Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada is a private coed educational institution that allows its students to strengthen their critical thinking and leadership through the development of cognitive, social and emotional skills, supporting the improvement of their quality of life based on the developing their greatest potential personally and academically.

VISION: In the year 2022, Colegio Fundación Nueva Granada will be recognized for the educational processes that support the development of critical thinking, a sense of leadership and ability to assertively solve everyday situations of its students, favoring the improvement of their quality of life.


The CFNG has 19 classrooms, an integrated science laboratory, gymnasium, music room, art room, library, computer room, specialist spaces (occupational therapy, speech therapy and psychology), cafeteria and an administration area.

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Management Team


Pedro Forero Rojas

Assistant to the Principal
Diana Milena Quintana
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Academic Secretary
Damaris Tunjano Devia
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Academic coordinator
Maria Darcy Florez Payares
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Academic coordinator Jorge Eduardo Victorino Pineda
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School program and activities


  • Pre-school (in partnership with the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare - ICBF), Elementary and Middle and High School (up to grade eleven)
  • Private formal education service for grades first to eleventh
  • Nutrition: 1,077 meals served daily
  • Extracurricular activities: Between 6 and 10 extracurricular activities per semester (soccer, volleyball, English club, dance, lacrosse, eco-cycling, music, among others)


The registration process for the year 2019 will begin on Monday, September 24, 2018, with the distribution of registration forms from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Alumni News

Former student Juan Luis Chitiva traveled in March 2018 to Taipei, where he will study Mandarin for six months, thanks to the generous support of Universidad Piloto de Colombia and the Government of Taiwan. Juan Luis graduated from CFNG in 2014 (a member of our first class of graduates) and is currently in his seventh semester studying Computer Engineering at Universidad Piloto. He obtained a scholarship at this university as a result of his academic performance. In this photo, which he recently shared, he recorded his arrival in Taipei.


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